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About Focalin XR and ADHD

(from the official website)

•Focalin XR is a prescription medication approved for the treatment of ADHD as part of a treatment program for children aged 6 years and older

•Focalin XR starts fast—by 30 minutes after taking the medication. •Focalin XR provides up to 12 hours of ADHD symptom management.

•Focalin XR should be taken once a day in the morning exactly as prescribed. Focalin XR can be taken with or without food. If your child cannot swallow the capsule whole, open it and sprinkle the small beads of medicine over a spoonful of applesauce and have him or her swallow it right away. Do not chew, crush, or divide the capsules or beads in the capsule.

There’s a lot more to ADHD than what you may have seen on TV, read in the newspapers, or heard from friends. The first step to understanding ADHD is separating the myths from the facts.

MYTH: ADHD is not a “real” disorder. It’s often blown out of proportion.

FACT: ADHD is a disorder that has been confirmed by more than 45 years of scientific research and hundreds of clinical studies. The condition affects approximately 3% to 7% of school-aged children.

MYTH: Poor parenting, schooling, or nutrition causes ADHD.

FACT: There is no research to support that poor parenting, schooling, or nutrition causes ADHD. The cause of ADHD is unknown.

MYTH: People with ADHD aren’t as smart as people without the condition.

FACT: Having ADHD does not mean that someone is less intelligent or talented than someone without the condition. ADHD affects people of all intelligence levels.

MYTH: Medication for ADHD doesn’t really work.

FACT: Medication, as part of an overall treatment program, can help manage your child’s ADHD symptoms; this includes support from you, your health care professional, and your child’s teachers.

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