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Free Axert coupon saves on prescriptions to treat migraine headaches in adolescents and adults

When you have a prescription for Axert, the medication from Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals that relieves the pain of migraine headaches, you can save on the cost of your prescription at the pharmacy, thanks to a free coupon you can print from your computer with the help of the website To find the coupon so that you can print it from your computer, click here: Axert About Axert and Migraine Headaches (from the official website) AXERT ® offers proven relief from … Continue reading

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Free Tri-Cyclen-Lo Coupon for Savings on Birth Control Prescriptions

A free coupon that you can obtain through the website will provide savings when you bring the coupon to your pharmacy, together with your doctor’s prescription for Tri-Cyclen-Lo, the birth control medication from Ortho-McNeil-Janssen. To locate and print out the free coupon from your computer, click here:  Tri-Cyclen-Lo About Tri-Cyclen-Lo and Birth Control (from the official website) ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN® LO is a low-dose birth control pill you take every day. When taken as directed, it delivers a low dose of hormones … Continue reading

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Free Levaquin Coupon Saves on Prescriptions for Infections

When your physician prescribes Levaquin, an Ortho-McNeil medication to treat skin, urinary and other infections, this website,, will help you to save money when you bring the prescription to your pharmacy together with a savings coupon that you can print out from your computer. To locate the free Levaquin printable coupon, click here: Levaquin About Levaquin and Infections (from the official website) LEVAQUIN® is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic medicine used in adults, 18 years or older, to treat certain infections caused by … Continue reading

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Free Elmiron Coupon for Savings on Prescriptions for Bladder Pain and Cystitis

You can save $35 on each of your next four prescriptions for Elmiron, the Ortho-McNeil-Janssen treatment for cystitis, by taking advantage of this free-coupon website, To obtain your free savings coupons, click here: Elmiron About Elmiron and Cystitis (from the official website) ELMIRON® is the only oral medication that’s FDA approved to treat the pain or discomfort of interstitial cystitis (IC). It’s available by prescription only. Easing your IC symptoms over time: Symptom improvement is gradual. Some patients may experience … Continue reading

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Free Concerta Coupon for ADHD Pharmacy Savings

Save on your prescription with a Concerta printable coupon from today. Over 53 million prescriptions have been written for Concerta, the #1 ADHD medication prescribed by physicians. Concerta is manufactured by Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. To download your free Concerta pharmacy coupon, click here: Concerta Coupon download About Concerta and ADHD (from the official website) Once-daily CONCERTA® delivers all-day ADHD symptom control Covers the all-important homework hours between 4 and 6 pm CONCERTA® can help your child focus at school and at home … Continue reading

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